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Novi intervju

Postaj by Miriam on ned lis 26, 2008 12:58 pm

Noticontactosov intervju s Robertom

hvala Pattinson Onlineu na prijevodu

Is this your first time in México?
“Yes, this is the first time. I haven’t seen anything yet but I like it.. I like the hotel (he laughs)”
Tell me about your funniest experience with a fan
“I don’t know, most of the people that come up to me are pretty nice. Probably at the Comic Con in San Diego, because there were more than 7000 people in the audience and in that moment I didn’t have any idea of how big Twilight was. I went up on stage, and people kept screaming for 45 minutes. It was the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

You say that, because you haven’t met the mexican fans yet…
“Yes, also here in the airport, that was quite astonishing”

Twilight takes some of the classic elements of a vampire movie, Do you think it modernizes these elements?
“Yes, I hope so. The story is based in the real world, and not so much in the situations of traditional vampires like the fangs, the garlic and the drinking of blood. Being a vampire in Twilight is more a disease, than something that you are born with, something that is very negative. I think that’s what makes it different from other stories…well, maybe it’s not that it’s so different (he laughs)the majority of vampires are idolized, but in Twilight they are just normal people I think”

What part of you relates to Edward Cullen?
“Really I don’t know, I suppose that the fact of having a lot of doubts about yourself and not being good enough for the people you have relationships with, things like that. I feel I Identify with that”

And on the seductive side of vampires…are you as seductive as Edward?
“No, absolutely not (he laughs)”

How do you win over girls?
“That would mean giving you my secret (laughs) well no, really I don’t say anything in particular”

What challenge did this character present to you as an actor?

“It’s a very interesting part, because everybody that read the book, puts the character on a pedestal, it’s very important for them. Eventhough he is a ficticious character, it’s almost impossible to play this role…the ways he acts, the way he behaves and how he looks.. too perfect. It’s a great challenge”

Have you ever been involved in a situation as intense as Edward and Bella’s?
“Mmm, not really.“
Maybe not with a girl, but with a friend or a family member?
“One time I had a very intense relationship with a girlfriend.. not as intense as that, but it was very difficult the time I was with her.”

Do you really believe in vampires?
“I don’t think so…it would be great if they existed, but no, I don’t believe in vampires”

What do you think is what fascinates people about vampires?
“I think it has to do with the power they have. They’re inmortal, and very strong compared with humans and that makes them more attractive, but at the same time they are totally defenseless without humans.”

If you could change something about the Twilight story, what would it be?
“I don’t know. When something already exists, all I think about is how to understand every step of the story. I like trying to understand the steps that advance the story, instead of trying to change it. Something I tried to do in the movie was prevent Edward and Bella from ever touching…but they didn’t let me do it (laughs) ”

What can you tell us about “Never Think”, your song in the Twilight soundtrack?
“It’s just a song…well, to be honest it’s not even finished. “

And yet the whole world is waiting for it..
“I know, the truth is that scares me a lot. I thought it was very funny because the director had a CD with things that I had recorded on the computer last year and she asked me if it would be ok to include my music in the soundtrack and I said yes. And now it’s a hit and it looks like I’m trying to start a career as a musician and I think –No, not at all-. There’s another one of my songs that’s also in the movie and that I think is gonna be in the soundtrack as a “bonus” it shows up in a very significant part of the movie and I think it makes the scene better .”

Do you like Horror Movies?
“My favorite movie is the Exorcist “

“It’s one of the most original movies I’ve seen and one of the best acted. It has Ellen Burcken…no, not Ellen Burcken, Ellen Burstyn… I got the wrong Ellen (laughs)”

What can you tell us about your portrayal as Dali in Little Ashes?
It’s a role that’s very different from the rest, and he’s one of the founders of surrealism..

Is there something surrealist in your life or do you identify with this character?
“I filmed it before Twilight, two months before, but it was very different from anything I’ve done. I felt I didn’t understand why I was picked for the role, I have nothing to do with him, but then I started obsessing about the role.
Everyone involved in the production were spaniards and knew him, I don’t know how to speak spanish, so the only thing I could do was read books about Dali every day and then I started feeling affection for him after that.
I think eventhough for some reason he turned into a very strange man , I felt I could identify with him when he was young, and I started seeing myself more like him in the movie, which is a little strange.”

What did you like more, playing Edward Cullen o Dalí?
“They’re very different. For the Dalí movie I had to do a lot of research and it was a great challenge. In Twilight I also had to do some research and these are the first two roles in which I really dig deep. They’re very different one from the other, but I try to give each the interest they deserve. I think I’ve learned a lot from these two movies, I think you can portray any character, as long as you set your mind to it and you make the role as interesting as you can.”

Can you tell us about your surprise with the fame Harry Potter and this new movie Twilight have brought you?
“ With Harry Potter I somehow knew in some way that it would be that like that, because it was big even before I was part of it, but with Twilight I didn’t have a clue that it was going to be this big, and it kept getting bigger as we were filming it”.

Are you afraid of losing something to Fame?
“Yes, I’m afraid. It’s strange when you can’t go to the places where you used to go, because everything is so different, everything feels different. All of a sudden people are looking at you and you think –Ok, I can’t do stupid things anymore-, that always bothers me (laughs)”

Of course you can…

Are you worried of being typecast in the role of Edward Cullen like it happened to Daniel Radcliffe with Harry Potter?
“No, I think it’s impossible to be labeled with this role, it’s too specific and I don’t grow old, or nothing like that.. so when it’s over it’s over. I hope I’m not labeled as this character, I don’t think it will happen.”

What do you like the most about acting in general?
“I like being able to totally commit to something; you can create the world in which you want to live in and you can create the person that you want to be in that moment most of the time. It’s interesting I don’t have much of a life outside my work, so it’s good to feel like you have something to do (laughs)”

If you weren’t an actor, what would you be?
“I would have wanted to be a pianist o a political speech writer”

What are your next projects? and is fame helping you pick what you do in the future?
“Yes it helps, but they tend to offer me a lot of roles that are exactly like the one in Twilight, but I’m doing a little independent project next year, and two other things that I can’t really talk about yet.”

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Re: Novi intervju

Postaj by Spes on ned lis 26, 2008 1:20 pm

super je intervju...fora Very Happy

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Re: Novi intervju

Postaj by Kei Billie Swein on ned lis 26, 2008 1:22 pm

Ajme predobro. Osobito kraj. Jedva čekam te nove projekte! bounce
Kei Billie Swein

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Re: Novi intervju

Postaj by Anahi on ned lis 26, 2008 3:06 pm

Robert the man... Cool

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Re: Novi intervju

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